What are Steps in Building website?

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Step 1: Register a Domain Name

These are the steps in building a website – find a name (also known as a domain name), your website simply cannot function if you have no domain name. Think of it as an address for a house or your names which are used to differ your from another, where the address is the domain name and the house is your website.

Step 2: Choose a Website Building Platform

This follow under What are Steps in Building website, Your next thing is to pick a platform where you can build your website from.

However, there are hundreds of different website builders (and ways) to create a website. And the first mistake that most people often make is they pick the wrong platform to build their site.

If you choose a website builder that isn’t good or flexible enough, you’ll need to start all over again with another platform. It’s doable, but not recommended (since it’s a waste of your time and money).

Examples would be WordPress , wix , squarespace and shopify

Step 3: Start Building Your Website

In the next hour or so, you’ll have a fully working website on your own domain. Do not skip any steps, otherwise, your website might not function as it should.

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